Entry for April 19, 2009

He stretched out on his bed roll. The sex had just relaxed him. The weed had made him sleepy and contemplative. He had gotten used to the constant noise; his mind was starting to wander. His lady had gotten back up and was still partying with her friends. Shit….

The Army had turned him mean. The constant bullshit, fucked around for years. He had found out that when he was kind and tried to be fair with others, it was taken as a sign of weakness. He ended up being screwed. Violence solved everything; he found that out after it took eighty stitches to sew his friends face back on. Break bones, cut them up and the assholes leave you alone. Hate you, fear you, but leave you alone….Or do what they are told. Ask any big city cop, he thought. The war and the train-up only renforced what he already believed. He wished he had learned that leason earlier in life. He would have been a lot less miserable.

Instead, he did what was “right”. Worked hard, raised his family, was honest to a fault, and got fucked royally for his efforts.What a sucker….Hell, the Army was worse. It had nearly driven him mad….Until he realized the whole fuckin’ thing was a sick joke, and started treating life accordingly….

Riding and getting into the wind helped him regain his sanity, if there was such a thing. He had worked with bikers for years, had found them surprisingly honest about who they were and what they were about. Just slowly adopted the lifestyle, married or no. His first wife took to it and it surprised him. She enjoyed the partys, runs and rallys. It really didn’t change much between them. Too much water under the bridge….

That was all done with now….After her death and destruction of his family, he was on the road most of the time. After he retired, constantly…. The world was going to hell in a hand basket, economy trashed. No real reason to be home. For the most part avoided people and stayed on the mosty deserted back roads of the west. His lady enjoyed the camping and he enjoyed the solitude. He got into town often enough so she could mix with others and socialize. For the most part he could have cared less, but he did have some friends….Mostly outlaws….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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