Entry for December 13, 2008

The old man sat alone in the cluttered, drafty old house. Hearing the strong winds pushing the rough winter weather in from the north….Scattering his thoughts as it did the unraked leaves….Some times the early morning hours were the best; the old ghosts were there not letting him sleep. Thoughts wandering throughout the years….School, friends, Good times….And bad….The War….The rides….Parties….Family….Of Sin….And Redemption….The chilly, late fall days in the woods and open fields….All the mistakes and miseries of life weigh heavy….Much like the animals of the wild, trying to survive yet another bitter cold, gray winter….

But as the gray skies started to lighten, the old man realized….That he had made some good choices….He would retire in a few years….His Army pension slim, but adequate….The bike would be paid for….Living a true nomadic life style….Maybe the late autumn of his life was really the Begining, and had already lived the end….Looked up to the windows of the musty old den, seeing the tattered old plants on the sill that he loved and just watered….Beyond the panes the wind, gray skies, withered trees….The old man grew sleepy….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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