Entry for December 25, 2008

The old soldier walked slowly, slightly bent under the weight, the gravel crunching under his boots with each step. It would be cold on the wire that night; the heavy clothing felt comfortable. The body armor, ruck, weapon, helmet, loaded magazines, and other kit weren’t what weighed on his tired frame….

He had eaten Christmas Dinner….Needed to give the young pups time off from the towers….Let them enjoy the Holiday….

The large room was a bit warm for how he was dressed….Stuffy, sweating….The SOG was giving the mission brief, it didn’t sound good….Sitting among fellow soldiers; rough furniture, cots and piles of gear….The towel-heads were restless and pissed off, we would probably get hit that night….Had to watch out for the SF guys, they would be in our AO; and wouldn’t be in uniform….If it came to a shoot-out….

( Sergeant Of the Guard, Special Forces, Area of Operation …. )

Half a world away family and friends were sitting around tables heaped with food and drink….Hard partying….Kids destroying wrapping paper, trashing living rooms….Adults, heavy with food and liquor, lovemaking on their minds….

…. The old soldiers mind had drifted….A tower had been hit with an RPG: use your binoculars to spot the gooners before they got into range….Kill them first….

….In to the back of the armored trucks….Time to go….

….He was so heavily dressed he could barely move ….The old Graybeard opened the throttle, as soon as the speedo hit eighty, he shifted the big Harley into overdrive….The engine settled in to it’s familiar low rumble, running very well in the bitter cold….Heading east into the Great Plains….He couldn’t fuckin’ believe he was out in this weather….Love, and lust made men do stupid shit….

….She had finished rubbing his back. She rolled him over, playing with him, large breasts gently bouncing….Getting him hard….She mounted him, worked him….Surprisingly nimble for a big girl….Running her long nails down his hairy chest…The old gray beard….Was out of control….

The bike rumbled deeper into to the Plains, freezing cold….Her aroma and warmth still with him….He was content….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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