Entry for February 01, 2009

They had camped back in a thick stand of pines, well off the two-land blacktop. Almost too well off….He had damn near dumped the overloaded bike twice on the narrow, rocky trail, but they had wanted seclusion and privacy. They wanted to shut down for the day and weren’t anywhere near a motel….Didn’t want to spend the money anyway; money was tight, like everything else….

It was a tight and well hidden camp, a small creek ran close by. He cleared a small area under two of the pines, cutting out a few of the lowermost branches of both trees with a small hatchet. She unloaded the bike in the small clearing in the center. He parked the bike under one of the trimmed out trees, covered it while she set up a three sided lean-to under the other. He built a small fireplace with a fire while she finished storing the gear. They were exhausted….

He lay under the lean to on their improvised bed. Clad only in panties and tank top, she lay up against him on her side, head resting on his shoulder, her leg over his thigh. Large breasts nearly falling out….She was fast asleep. He tilted her chin up and gently kissed her….she was soaked in sweat, dark rings showing on her top under her arms….He was just as wet….Both of them were filthy, smelling of gasoline, road grime and sweat….Days on the road….The fucking brutal heat and sun in the desert….Had turned her a coppery reddish brown…. She was radiant….He was pale except for his hands and face; long sleeve shirt, ever-present vest….He couldn’t sleep. Way too much on his mind….His face in her hair, back in a tight pony tail….Pulling her closer….Her musk was pleasing….

….The ceremony was short and they hit the road immediately after….Pushing it hard, only short stops for gas, quick meals, a few meager supplies, a bit of sleep. Heading generally west and sometimes south….The bike was way overloaded with the two of them and their gear but was running flawlessly…. Even in the ungodly heat of the arid west….He was glad that he had it serviced….

….They both needed to disappear for a while….The authorities had taken an interest in some of his activities and acquaintances….She owed some money….Hell, the fucking world is falling apart anyway; riots everywhere it seemed….They had secured their belongings with trusted friends, tied the knot, and split….Hit the fuckin’ road….It would be a good long vacation for them both and when things settled down a bit…Settle down somwhere….

….He couldn’t sleep. Too much shit whirling around in his head. Were going to need more supplies and drinking water….At the rate they were putting on miles, the bike was gonna need another service, a back tire, maybe a drive belt….They had money….For now….His pension was slim….not even enough for him….she would stretch it some how….He had bought her leathers and a helmet….A fucking joke in this heat, but would be needed….The funeral….Their loved ones….All the change….

….The coyotes were getting closer, he could hear their yelping and howling. He pulled the old cotton sheet and wool blanket up over them. It was dark and had started cooling off. He had wondered about mountain lion in this desolate area….Made sure his pistol was close at hand….They would shut down for the next day or two, rest….Plenty of gas to make it to the next general store or truck stop. Maybe head north into Idaho….Get the bike worked on in Boise. Pick up a big load of supplies, head north and camp high for a month or so, maybe up north in the Bitterroots….In the fall, head for south Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona. Just wait and see….

….He finally started to relax after taking a mental inventory of what they had and what they needed….

….It was the wee hours of the morning, and they didn’t have to be up early….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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