Entry for January 27, 2009

The old man had been in out west on Club business. It was good to see his Brothers, although he didn’t always agree or get along with them. The meeting went well….The Brothers had shown up in number, and had worked as a team. It had done the old mans heart good not to see the usual bickering….

But he had been preoccupied….Thoughts of his friend….Did he want to drive all that way, but at the same time very much looking forward to their embrace….Although he hadn’t made the call, he sensed that something wasn’t right….

The old man loved the Plains….The bitter cold winds, the great emptiness….He never understood those who made fun of this mystical Place and its self-sufficient people. Just figured that one had to consider the source; people that couldn’t function without being told how by a cheesy celebrity or politician….Fuck ’em….Fuck ’em all….

Yep, the high lonesome of the Plains were what made the drives and rides out west worthwhile….

He was disappointed to say the least….Crushed would be a better word…Had so looked forward….maybe he should be more realistic, cynical….It’s a long shot, any way….the old man had always been sentimental; always chasing that elusive rainbow….He turned up the old rock, drowning out yet bringing back more memories….Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Iron Butterfly, Hendrix, The Doors, Bob Seger….The music was dated as he was….Each song had its own story through the years. Sentimental old fool, he hated himself for it but still cared….Always on that journey, chasing what was just out of reach….What he couldn’t have….Always on that lonesome motherfucking journey….

The terrible conditioning runs were the worst….The body armor, the fucking heat….Hood was a bastard in the summer…. It was all he could do to climb the two flights of stairs, Legs shook so bad….But he always finished, never fell out….Could keep up with many of the young studs, pass some of them….The first cup of coffee after a shower was pure heaven….For some crazy reason, thinking of this kept him motivated through the runs….That and smokin’ the young studs…. What was pride….What is Love….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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