Entry for March 14, 2009


They finally found their camp spot. Off the road a bit, right in the middle of everything it seemed. Some shade provided by a rock ledge, a scraggly tree, and an old tattered tarp. A beat up styrofoam cooler was set to one side with iced down beer and diet soda; he wasn’t a drinking man, she liked her beer. A fire pit was off to the other side….Somebodys prospect had been a busy man….

They parked the bike under the tarp, unloaded, set up camp. She was expert at this, making the most out of every nook and cranny. Making a surprisingly roomy camp in a crowded area. Both of them were hot, sweaty, and worn out and after introducing themselves to their neighbors, grabbed a bit of shuteye….In spite of the constant parade of bikes of all kinds, people and noise….

What had started out as a get-together by a few cranky, disenchanted, pissed off bikers on an old deserted airfield in the middle of nowhere had turned into a major rally….Then evolved into something entirely different. Rainbow Fest hippies were the first; selling leather, crafts, weed, repairing tentage and clothing. Others followed….Mexicans ( most of them not legal ), Gypsies, some indians and blacks, white trash, and a mix of anyone and everyone else. Everyone seemed to have a craft, a trade. Little shops and stands every where. Even a beat up old tank truck selling 91 octane gasoline….a real melting pot….For the most part not wanted any where else, forced to get along by circumstance; but was run ( sometimes with an iron fist ) by the outlaw bike clubs. It was all surprisingly effecient: services ( sanitation, trucked-in water, ice, trash collection, etc. ) paid for by gate fees, camp fees and “taxes” collected by the bikers. Justice was “frontier”, swift and severe, if one crossed the line….Problems were reletively few….For the circumstances. Shelter was well-worn motorhomes to raggetty tents and every thing in between….Converted schoolbusses, every concievable form of camper and trailers….It would last any where from a week to a month, maybe a little longer….

They were camped in the middle of the hippie settlement. Its “sixties era ” inhabitants were in all kinds of dress and undress. His lady had gotten up and made a few purchases at the little shops around them including some fresh produce for supper in a bit, getting to know some of their neighbors. Always the social animal….

She found him sitting with a bro by the road in his folding chair. With a cold soda enjoying the show….All manner of bikes, scooters, and ATVs. Even an 8N Ford pulling a hay wagon; the local mass transit. He enjoyed the ladies in various states of undress, the ones with large bouncing breasts were his favorites. A Triumph chopper putted by with a topless man with a huge ‘fro, followed by a couple of rumbling big Harleys with naked women on the back. This was going to be quite an evening….


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Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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