Entry for March 23, 2009


They had finished eating and were headed down a slight hill to the beer garden; a large, patched up old circus tent with no sides. A beer bar at one end, rows of well-worn picnic tables in the middle, and a DJ and dance floor at the other. Rows of little shops and food stands surrounded the area and ran along an old crumbling road towards the remains of an old hangar, not much more than a section of roof and a couple pieces of walls with a make shift stage set up under it. Bands, tittie shows, and other forms of entertainment of various quality had been and would be appearing through out the event. All was surprisingly well lighted and powered by jury-rigged wiring and beat up, worn out old generators; many of these were kept running by a veterans bike club. Some of them old hands at supplying power in very remote locales….

One immediately had sensory overload entering this. The sun had set, cooling off the surrounding areas, but with the crowds, it was still quite warm here….Hell, it was downright hot. The garrish lighting, the smell of cooking all manners of foods, sweat, stale beer, diesel fuel, gasoline….The rich aroma of the leather from the clothing vendor….The music and everyone talking at once; laughing, shouting, loud….The acrid smell of weed everywhere….

He bought his lady a cold beer, himself a soda. They agreed to meet by the dance floor as she went off to wander the tightly packed isles of clothing, leather, and other merchandise in search of bargains….He walked down toward the DJ and loud music, Kid Rock belting out an obscene tune. He dodged the over flowing trash cans, debris and people clad in every thing from heavy leather and boots to nothing. He himself was very warm and sticky in his plaid wool shirt and jeans. Two very attractive ladies clad in nothing but body paint were talking to a couple members of a well known outlaw club….A very straight looking older couple was chatting with a Mexican selling blankets and leather goods….a black woman wearing a Harley T- shirt looking at silver jewelry and knives being sold by an Indian couple….An attractive woman that wasn’t….Hmmmmm….What a mix….

He found a table right on the dance floor, thought there might be room for him among the empty beer cans, liquor bottles, plastic cups and other people. On the way there, he noticed three young, rough looking men and a young lady, all very drunk….Her shorts were down on one ankle, bright tattoos showing on her thighs and abdomen, a small silver barbell pierced her navel. One of the men was pouring a trickle of beer on her breasts, licking it off. The second was pushing two of his fingers up her shaved mound. The third fellow was taking pictures with a small camera….Shit, some people should leave mind altering substances alone….

He found a spot at the table, sat, his lady arriving shortly after, squeezing in next to him. She handed him a cold bottle of water and sipped on a fresh beer, setting her shopping bag on her lap….Enjoying it all as much as he was, snuggling under his arm. The floor was packed….The jock put on a slow Clapton tune. The straight older couple he saw earlier slow dancing next to a topless biker pair necking and groping….What a fuckin’ trip. They relaxed; his mind starting to wander….Enjoying the music ….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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