Entry for November 05, 2008

Hadn’t seen Loose Park in years….Had to check it out this beautiful fall day….The Plaza just ahead, a quick right….Downshift, clack-clack….Transmission whining, engine pulling strong even two-up, road curving sharply to the right and very steep. The deep, throaty rumble of the exhaust echo among the old brick and stone homes. Ivy and huge, colorful old trees every where. The decaying wood odor that always seems to be around the older tree lined neighborhoods….The park was full of people: joggers, walkers, sunbathers, you name it. The bike attracts attention, and wearing colors not always welcome. But the youngsters….They dig it….

Bam!….Anaconda had been locked down most the evening….Incoming ….Guess the towelheads didn’t like Good Friday…. Had been putting up with this shit all day. The old graybeard was out checking on the young pups, had to after every attack….Was just inside the blast walls by the double-stacks when he saw the flash and heard the loud bang of an RPG round….Stepped out in to the large,open area between the double-stacks and the truck yard….BAM! That was a dumb fuckin’ thing to do….The cocksuckers lit one off over the truck yard, damn near in his face….Shoulda stayed behind the walls….Ears ringing, seeing spots from the flash but unhurt….The youngster was hauling ass….Stops…. Sweating, pale, outta breath….”That thing went off over my hooch, Sarge! RIGHT OVER MY FUCKIN’ HOOCH! Yeah, tell me about it thought the old timer, he was scared too….

The big Harley crested the hill, mufflers popping and spitting on decel….Heading south the City was spread out before him, lights bright and shining….Never was much of a family man, but sights like this made the long ride worth while….Besides, it wasn’t a bad visit. They had fed him well and shown respect….

Neighborhood people doing neighborhood things….Living….Didn’t realize how lucky they were….How the graybeard had missed it….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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