Entry for November 17, 2008

The two graybeards rode into the parking lot of the club, taking care not to dump their rides, and their old ladies, on the loose gravel. They parked their scoots by the entrance of the well lit, windowless steel building where the cameras could watch them. It had been a good evening putt, and now late, time for a final stop and some rough, raw partying….Their women companions were too drunk to care. The four of them entered the club, the two women paying the doorman. The two graybeards eyes adjusted to the dark, took in the sight of the scantily clad girls, the sound of loud rock, the smell of smoke, beer, and cheap perfume. They were in the right place….

The Dancer had radar-lock on these two chumps ( and their mates ) sitting on perv row, watching them feeding dollar bills to the naked women in front of them. There wasn’t much She didn’t see in her world….She approached the younger of the two men, he was a patch-holder and She liked this….In her world….

The old man slipped her a twenty, and being cheered on by the other graybeard, She mounted up for a lap dance….She pealed off her short t-shirt, now clad in a g-string…. Slick with sweat from a hard evening of acrobatics on the stage, her strong aroma pleasing to the old biker. He slid his fingers inside the g-string as his mate flipped him off….sometimes, it’s good to be the King….

….The machine guns were wiped down and well maintained, the belts of fifty caliber rounds shining brightly in the sun. The grenade launcher was covered by rubberized canvas, equally ready. AT-4’s were strapped to the rear hatch of the armored trucks if needed….The young lady, still wearing body armor, gas mask as a pillow, was getting a little shuteye before going back out….The Old Man took all this in, envying them, but not too much….He had seen the shot up, burned out hulks on the wreckers and low boys in the past. Knew they were in for a rough time….


The old graybeards mounted up, engines idling….Hoping their women were too drunk to remember much….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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