Entry for October 05, 2009

Amid the sporatic gunfire, the heavy iron monster tracked sharp left, squeezing up the narrow alley, past the automobiles and rubble lining it on both sides….Trying to get out of the kill zone, maybe get around behind them.The loader, anticipating the track comanders order, hit the paddle switch with his knee, opening the ammo compartment at the rear of the turret. He pulled a HEAT round, and slid it into the chamber of the large main gun. They knew there was enemy armor about, and had seen the troop carriers earlier, some with very potent rockets on them….
The multi-national convoy had been ambushed. It was a bad one. The German Tiger III in the lead had been hit by something big and nasty; shoving it part sideways with a huge explosion and breaking one of the tracks. It caught fire shortly after, the fire supression systems failing. The gooners had come up with something really good that could toss that 80 ton behemoth about….The ASV’s, Hummers, Strykers, and other support vehicles were being chewed to pieces by the RPG’s and machine guns. The IED’s were detonating, adding to the kaos and making life difficult for the dismounting infantry. The multi-national force fought back valiantly, their gunners doing their share of dirty work. They were flat assed out gunned….As the American tank vaporized a Toyota pickup with three towelheads and a machine gun with it’s 130 millimeter main gun, the convoy commander was trying to figure out where the hell his air support was….Three of the gunships were on the ground burning; the other two were having their own problems trying to stay alive.
The lone American tank rumbled up the side street, scraping some of the cars and debris crowding each side of it. A BMP turned on to the opposite end of the street, its commander too late realizing what they were facing….its 76 millimeter round bouncing harmlessly off the front of the tank. The American TC released the main gun to the fire control computer; laser estimating range, turret turning slightly to the right, gun elevating a bit.The huge gun recoiled, the 60 foot muzzle blast exploding glass in buildings and vehicles on both sides of the street….Rocking the heavy tank, the HEAT round disintegrating the BMP’s turret.The American gunner loaded another round,a short empty shell casing rattling to the steel floor….American and British infantry that had followed were trying to engage the gooners ( or what was left of them….) in the narrow confines along the sides of the tank and civilian vehicles. A Brit gunner opened up with his Bren, killing two….The computer dropped the elevation of gun tube slightly, firing into the hull of the BMP. Blowing it to pieces and soaking the remaining towelheads around it in burning fuel. One of the Brits turned to see a second BMP as it turned in behind them and loosed its Sagger missiles into the rear of the American tank.
The Halon killed the fire, but the pack was junk, no engine. Rear deck plates blown clear off the tank. the hull was filling with smoke from a bad electrical short….The TC popped the commanders hatch telling the driver and loader to haul ass, as an RPG round fired from the roof tops hit it, blowing shards of steel downward. They were truely fucked….
It was getting toward the end of the event. They had taken up their usual positions along side the road in their folding chairs to enjoy the show, passing a joint, drinking beer and soda. And what a show….A constant stream of bikes….Some rats, some real beauties….Most had never seen a couple fuck on a bike , but there was always a first time. A fine looking trike putted by, chrome and paint gleaming.They had seen it earlier….Only the couple was naked ….
The bullshit flowed, only some of it wasn’t. The war stories, destinations after the rally. Some were just nomads, wandering the wastelands. Oddjobs and a little thieving to survive. A few had families, jobs, a real place to go.
He hadn’t made up his mind. Things had been tense between him and his lady. Thought maybe she had someone else in mind. Tired of being broke and on the road. Maybe she was right. He knew she had run into an ex while here, and hadn’t seen a lot of her. He knew she deserved a hell of a lot better than a couple ratty pensions and a nomadic life style; running from demons, imaginary or otherwise. The dude was stable with a home, job.
But, with the others, he smoked, drank and made plans….For the future….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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