Entry for October 11, 2008

A fellow who is spending some time as a contractor in the Middle east was telling me how grand life was at LSA Anaconda….Always thought a picture was worth a thousand words. Living conditions there aren’t bad, but can be very dangerous….

What am I doing in here on a beautiful day like today, pecking away on a keyboard? Just heard that familiar V-twin rumble up the street. Damn, my throttle hand is getting itchy…. Trying to decide where to ride to.

Can’t find the disc with my Panama pictures….

Busy day….Finished up a a loaf of my home made bread. Damn, its good. Cookin’ up a pot of chili, Missus is already bitchin’….But the chili is DOUBLE-DAMN good! Waddafuck….Some day I’ll make a lucky gal a good house mouse….LOL!

Been great ridin’ weather….Had to work this weekend, but have other wise have been able to ride all week. Hope you two-wheel types are taking advantage. Leaves are starting to change, want to catch a weekend when they are the prettiest and ride to Saint Joseph, Missouri….45 Highway along the bluffs….Gotta be one of the coolest rides in the country….Bikes have their advantages. See so much more, meet interesting people, CHEAP on gas, fun….You get the picture….Time to get out leather and the rest of the cold weather gear. Won’t slow me down much….

Would like to hear from some of you guys. Fairly obvious what my interests are….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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