Entry for October 27, 2008

“Nothing between the Artic Circle and the Texas Panhandle ‘cept a barbed wire fence….”

Don’t know who made the above statement, but they hit the nail on the head….For Kansas, anyway…. Cold thats almost Artic in the winter, heat that can be par with the Middle East or Death Valley in the summer , storms that rival anything on the planet….And every thing in between….Nothing out there….’Cept rolling prairies, grain, cattle, oil, gas….Nothing anyone would ever want….

….Don’t live the lifestyle I live, ride what I ride ’cause I give a flying fuck about what others think…. Already wasted WAY too much of my life doing exactly that….

….The sun was setting, winds were picking up, it was getting cold….The weather had been really rough out west, and thats the direction I was headed, at least for the next 3 hours. Heavy, moisture-laden clouds, winds picking up….Beating up the bike, and me pretty bad…. Shit, this could get fuckin’ ugly, glad I was wearing my wool shirt and had brought my duster….As long as there is no ice….

….The Old Timer was right, they usually are. Good time to check the air in the tires….Four Brothers pulled in to the old gas station in a well worn Cadillac. They were smart, drove or rode out earlier, relaxing in a small town beer joint….I had to work….Was’nt a bad ride though….After gas/coffee/ pancakes in Salina….Cold, windy, but was’nt all bad….Great Bend is a nice town….

Good to see you guys….

Dark, cold, wind damn near pushed the bike into the oncoming lane….Glad I’m in town and heading to “the barn”….this is turning into a bad habit!


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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