Entry for October 30, 2008

….If I gave my political views here, I would probably get cyber-lynched….Some day I will learn to leave newspapers alone. They were not created for semi-literate, knuckle-dragging, cranky old assholes like me….

….Went to the VA bright and early this morning. Blood draw, whiz-in-the-bottle ( Yeah, like you REALLY wanted to hear that one…. ). Go back this afternoon to see the Doc, that should be interesting. Get the “lifestyle lecture”….You know , everything I’m NOT supposed to do: smoke, whiskey, wild wimin’ ( OK,OK…. She doesn’t say that one! Besides, I’m too old for those kind of shennagans….),drugs ( Dammit….), etc., etc. Motorsicles is probably in there somewhere….Shit….NO, I DIDN’T GET THE FINGER-N-THE-BUTT….Should ask about live ammunition, hand grenades, C-4; I’ll end up in the old veterans rubber gun squad yet….

Anyways, I got off-track ( Like that never happens….).

The lady drawing blood was a cancer survivor ; still having her ups and down with it. She showed me her picture with this pretty, long, full head of hair, it was short and thin now. She started wearing the pink ball cap to hide her head when she was bald. Yet she was at work, upbeat and full of humor….Little Sister, you will ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL, IT’S IN THE HEART….This raggety-assed, foulmouthed old Vet taks his hat off TO YOU!!!!!!

The moral to the story ( Fuckin’-A there’s a moral….) is that sometimes life , and its circumstances, are so totally jacked up and retarded, that one just has to sit back and laugh at it….

….Now I just need to follow my own advice….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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