Entry for September 09, 2008

That “Lonesome Road to Nowhere”….

Cruising through downtown Kansas City late Sunday evening. Closed….Deserted….Who cares? Crest the hill, downshift, 96 incher rumbling toward City Market wanting the interstate.

Rolling west on ’70….Throttle open, laid back, easy ride….Cold, but a beautiful sunset….

Out of Parkville, west then curve north heading toward Saint Joseph. Bluffs on both sides….River over there some where. Cool fall day, trees are starting to turn….Further to the north is the monastery….Middle Age, gothic, high on the bluffs overlooking the river….Been there, had a friend but that’s a whole ‘nother biking story….Two wheels get me into the damndest adventures….

Goddammit, Scotty, we gotta GO….It’s well below freezing outside, those bikes ain’t gonna crank for shit with 60 weight oil in ’em….Ya can get laid some other time. Already pushed Steve’s chopper ’bout a quarter mile to get it goin’….Had to leave the chokes out all those miles to keep the engines running….Fuckin’ cold….All this bullshit for a blow job? What I get for a December ride….

That “Lonesome Road to Nowhere?” Yeah, it exists….It’s the whole fucking JOURNEY….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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