Entry for September 18, 2008

Bike night at the Kickstart….Hell, all that place does is get me in trouble, but my Brothers will be there. Gotta talk to them about Pawhuska: do I wanna go? I’m tired of packing and unpacking, living out of a suitcase….Probably get my tit in the wringer at the Pawhuska Rally….

Spilled gas all over my gas tank at Phillips 66….What a klutz!

Nice riding weather….Rode back an’ forth to Olathe last couple days….Cool in in the mornings, perfect in the afternoons….Better ride ’em while you can….

Pulled into the parking lot, braked, shut her down. Man, it was hot….The place looked interesting from Highway 45, thought I would check it out….Felt cool even though there was no a/c. Receptionist said was ok to check the place out, just can’t go into the monastery….Down the hall there is a priest, “That your bike out front?” Yup….”Have you had any thing to eat?” Nope….”Want something?” Ain’t exactly dressed for church, soaked in sweat, smell like a goat….Yup….Back thru the maze, through the locked doors and into the Middle Ages (Where I’m not ‘posed to be….). The brothers, the wannabes, the fellow checking out the priesthood from the inside….Very structured….Sometimes there are “readings”, Complete silence during the meal except the fellow reading a book, scripture or whatever literature of “choice”….Prayer, singing and worship twice a day, work. Some teach, travel. Some garden, do the “menial” tasks….Some go to school. The guy in the black robe and sandals ( Yeah, the guy who looked just like Kenny Rogers….) had a war record from Southeast Asia that would make John Wayne proud….They all have their reasons for being here….One brother had ceramic statues he made and sold (I own a few….): He had some left….He stopped making them, his health was failing. Can’t even remember his name, though I saw him a couple times after. The Missus liked him, the kids were to young to give a shit….The way she wore her hair that day, she looked like….Well it must have been a God thing….But she liked him too….

Then there’s the time I was invited to a commune in Saint Joseph….But that’s a whole ‘nother two wheel tale….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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