Entry for February 16, 2009

They were heading west and would head south once they hit I-15. Heading toward Las Vegas….If they made it that far. The rear tire was nearly bald, and had gone flat back where they had camped for a week. He had a hell off a time plugging the slice on the edge of the tread; as old as the glue was, he didn’t know if it would hold. They had a long ways to go, and there wasn’t much out here on this two lane no-name road except sand, rattlesnakes, and the fucking heat. One hell of a long walk if something took a shit….

Still, the overloaded bike ate up the miles, running well in spite of everything. Bike was filthy, Rider, clad in jeans, western boots and long sleeved undershirt was filthy-er. Passenger was wearing boots, jeans and her ever- present tank top; always the sun worshiper. Both had good sunglasses and bandannas, lots of sun blocker to protect in the extreme heat of day. The country they were in was desolate and deserted, rarely any other traffic. He hoped that there would be a gas station when he needed it….And that the back tire held….

He had watched the front move in as long as he dare. The heavy shelf cloud with the cumulonimbus incus towering above it for miles. Turning from blue/black to a bright malignant green when the lightning broke loose inside; some of the white bolts breaking free and hitting the ground with a loud, thundering boom. The wind picked up and turned cold….Time to haul ass….He made it to the entrance of his shelter when lightning hit a tree with an earsplitting crack and blinding flash….Knocking him on his ass. His now wide awake lady reached out and grabbed him, dragging him in around the fireplace into the shelter as another bolt crashed near by. So much for not hitting the same place twice….

The wind moaned and howled, rain and hail damn near horizontal. Their shelter shook and shuttered violently, the small rock ledge and densely packed trees their only saving grace. About six inches of water was running through the center of their camp as the rain let up and the storm abated. The cover had partially blown off the bike and a bit of their bedding had gotten wet, otherwise their camp looked fairly intact….Glad they were well above the “small” creek….


About badtwincam

Adventurer, all round character, and most reluctant of Prophets....
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